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Since I had my LC 200 series remapped and tuned by Midland 4WD Centre, I can say that the car is so good to drive and tow now , plus outstanding fuel economy and power, better than I ever expected . These guys really know their products when they tune your car , plus I was given a step by step program on what they did and also I could ask any questions that i had , and given the answers too . First class service and even a follow up phone call the next day to see if I was happy with it, it’s very rare these days to get great service, but these guys nailed it!! Thanks again.
– Ian Marshall

Hey Simon I would like Thank you for your advice on setting up the works Hilux.
The ECU tune with the bigger exhaust and snorkel really achieved everything you advised it would. We now get better acceleration and pulling power when towing the camper not to mention improved fuel Consumption.
I’ve attached a number of photos so you can see we get out and about with the car. It’s not a show pony.
Thank you again I can highly recommend the tune and exhaust package and If you need please feel free to come around and show potential customers how much difference it makes.
– Steve Lowe

Since my Tune at Midland 4WD Centre the efficiency torque fuel consumption have immensely improved drive to the conditions not like a f 1 and you will get results never look back now the initial service from staff at OL and the ongoing feedback combined with the price of all the 4wd parts and accessories can’t be beaten. Well Done Simon and staff thanks.
– Ray Pitcher

Ash, Yogi, Simon and the rest of the crew who work at Midland 4wd are fantastic. They all know the products they sell and go out of their way to help you, be it in the shop, at a show or even over the phone (no matter where you are). Have had our 200 series at the shop and had Stockwell lock up kit fitted, GVM upgrade, engine remapping and will be getting other work done too. Engine remap and lock up kit is great, we get better fuel economy, more responsive, no lag in the gearbox when you take off or ask for more power when overtaking road trains towing a 2.5 ton caravan. Highly recommend them. 5 Stars.
– Rick + Sue Graham

The guys at Midland Opposite Lock know their products from sales to installation.
From the January 2017 day I walked in to talk about my “just ordered ” Landcruiser 200 series and told them it won’t be delivered until May 2017, they helped me hone my build up ideas and provided a written quote, that allowed me to review my selections, take a couple out, make a substitution and add a whole lot more. The quote was updated and a plan was laid out for the buildup.
The OL equipment installation is extensive, Barwork front, rear, sides, lights, drawer system, Drop down fridge slide, Outback long range tank, Aux battery set up, isolated fuse box and extensive electrical work.
Plus the installation of some equipment from my old 100 series.
I’m looking forward to new OL products so I can go shopping at Opposite Lock Midland 4WD.
The experience of the guys in the workshop certainly improved the placement and finished build up. The LC200 is immaculate with the quality workmanship. Got to go now, It’s Playtime
– Garry Bryant

G’day Simon, thanks for the inquiry on how the landcruiser performed. I’m very pleased with it to date, loaded up with a 19.5 ft Roadstar van on the back it weighed in at 5.5 ton. Traveling from north of Sandstone to Shark bay ,flat going sitting on around 70-80kms we averaged 16.4 l/per 100ks . Coming through north Hampton hills sitting on 100ks we averaged 18.84 l/per 100ks.
So we put a 3in right through, fitted the catch can and extra fuel filter then remapped on the dyno. The power difference was quite remarkable from 431nm to 675nm at the wheels. The 79 series handles any task with ease, I find myself backing off most of the time. Eats up the dunes and over takes the roadtrains with no problem.
I fitted airbag man airbags on the rear 41mm shocks all round and rear wheel spacers, which performed really well on the dirt . I fitted a custom dept of Interior centre console which made the long ks much easier and some where to put stuff, pity it’s not standard.
Thanks to you blokes for the job you did it goes like a beauty.
– Tony

I have owned my 2015 Jeep Wrangler JK Rubicon for just over a year and in that time I wanted several modifications done to upgrade the original vehicle. I went to Midland Opposite Lock on the recommendation of a friend and after they carried out some initial modifications I had no hesitation on later getting more work done.
The advice the staff were able to give me, about Jeep mods in particular, was invaluable and led to sound decisions about what equipment to fit; it was a bonus to find someone who had detailed knowledge of Jeeps. On more than one occasion they suggested different options at various price points and were able to advise what was most suitable (not always the most expensive). Quotes were always detailed and accurate.
When it came time to carry out the work, the vehicle was booked in, the jobs done and the vehicle was ready when they said it would be ready.
All in all, I am very happy with the service I received from Midland Opposite Lock and would not hesitate to recommend them.
– Mike James

Always a pleasure doing business with you and your crew. Just wish you guys were a bit closer though.
Thanks again for all the great work.
– Peter Boothby

Just wanted to say a special thanks to you and the guys for a great job on my car, very impressed with all the work you did.
Also thanks for all the extra work you did with the seats, headlights and I drive, which is greatly appreciated.
Will certainly keep in touch, and thanks again.
– David Pires

Thanks again Midland 4WD. Always competitive pricing for our regular services and a top job on our custom work when no other business would even get back to us. Highly recommend this family business.
– Rebecca Gallagher

Love been greeted by the shop mascot at the front door everytime I drop by. The guys here are always happy to chat and share their knowledge of any product that you can think of to add to your 4WD. Any work or service I have had done here has always been clean, professional and on time.
– Nik Stewart

Awesome service from the guys. Ordered a pro vent kit which was missing one piece, the boys happily shipped another piece up to me in Geraldton no questions asked. The Stocklock kit that they fitted looks factory and has changed the vehicle for the better. Thanks fellas
– Michael Ostaszewskyj

Great people, know their stuff and are out on the tracks using it themselves. I’d be happy to give them my car to work on.
– Stewart Paternoster