Vehicle Project Management

Need a New Vehicle? We can help.

Midland 4WD Centre is well known in both the industry and locally as the place to go to get expert advice. With our Vehicle Project Management Solution, we are able to take that help even further.

This service enables you to have a hands-off experience when buying, selling or building up a vehicle, whether it is for work of play.

With years of experience servicing and managing fleets of vehicles in the mining sector to years of experience travelling Australia, we know and can source the best solutions to fit your requirements.

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Vehicle Build Management

The team at Midland 4WD Centre has years of experience building vehicle to suit a specific purpose.


Building vehicles to suit certain specifications can be difficult, regulations vary between sites, companies and applications. We have a team that can help understand what your needs are and build a vehicle to suite that. We have experience with most of the major companies and sites in WA and have built vehicles that are both full mine spec and focus on around town.


  • Sit down with you to discuss all your requirements
  • Negotiate with local Perth Dealers
  • Manage the build process start to finish
  • Equip your vehicles with top quality accessories, fit to do the job.
  • Hand you over a vehicle ready to go directly onto site.


The team at Midland 4WD Centre have been building rigs for customers for over 10 years and even longer for ourselves. Over that time we have seen and experienced what works and doesnt work, the common mistakes that people make and supplied simple solutions to every need. We have helped our customers to buy vehicles, both new and second hand and set them up to be weekend warriors or ultimate tourers.


  • Sit down and work out your requirements
  • Discuss the pros and cons of different vehicles for different use cases
  • Source the best vehicle for the job, be it new or used and negotiate on your behalf
  • Offer Easy finance Solutions – if you need them
  • Source parts from not only our offering but from a range of brands and retailers
  • Manage the process of getting the vehicle delivered to us, then built up to your needs, regardless of how many shops it needs to visit.
  • Hand you over a vehicle that is complete and ready for a shakedown trip.

Buying or Selling Vehicles

While we manage a large number of complete builds sometimes what you need might just be a simple solution of buying or selling a vehicle.

Selling your vehicle through Midland 4WD Centre;
  • Hassle-Free
  • No Sales People
  • No waiting around for “buyers” to show up
  • No outside contact with people you don’t know
  • We can help handle all the finance and payouts.
  • Get your money in 24-48Hrs
  • Competitive Market pricing
  • No cost to the seller.


Buying a vehicle through Midland 4WD Centre;
  • We manage the negotiations with local new and used dealers
  • Focus on finding the exact vehicle you are looking for with the modifications ready to go.
  • No running around, taking your vehicle from one place to the next to get it all sorted
  • We can help you handle finance
  • Deliver the vehicle to your door

Overall, we help people looking for vehicles, whether for business or personal to save massive amounts of time and effort. We are your one-stop shop!

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