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Vehicle Brokerage

Buying or selling a vehicle? We can help.

We speak to hundreds of people every month that want to buy or sell their vehicle. From basic 4WD utes through to completely built and upgraded rigs we have worked with and either bought or sold them all.

Midland 4WD centre works closely with some of the biggest vehicle locators in WA. This relationship means that we can move vehicles quickly and with minimal hassle. So come and speak with us today!

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Selling Vehicles

Selling vehicles through Midland 4WD Centre is a breeze. We work hard to take the hassle out of the process and ensure that you don’t have to waste time waiting around for people to not show up.

Just a few of the advantages of working with Midland 4WD Centre;

  • Hassle Free
  • No Sales People
  • No waiting around for “buyers” to show up
  • No outside contact with people you don’t know
  • We can help handle all the finance and payouts.
  • Get your money in 24-48Hrs
  • Competitive Market pricing
  • No cost to the seller.

Buying Vehicles

Do you just want the vehicle of your dreams to turn up on your doorstep with no setup required? This is what we specialise in.

Midland 4WD Centre can help you get a turnkey vehicle package to your door.

We can offer;

  • Turnkey vehicle solutions for business or personal use
  • We manage the negotiations with local new and used dealers
  • No running around, taking your vehicle from one place to the next to get it all sorted
  • A simple 1 stop shop for the entire vehicle build
  • work with local partners that are experts in their field – We wouldn’t put anything on your 4WD that we wouldn’t put on ours.
  • Avoid extended wait times – enquire to find out our current projects.

Overall, we help people looking for vehicles, whether for business or personal to save massive amounts of time and effort. We are your one-stop-shop!

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