ScanGauge II can help you monitor your vehicle’s most vital systems
and provides the kind of real-time information you’ve been missing

Improve your fuel economy

ScanGauge II provides real-time data about your vehicle’s instant and average fuel economy, fuel used, cost of fuel used for each trip, cost per KM’s, litres per hour and more!

There are many ways to reduce your fuel usage and increase fuel economy. Real time feedback like what the ScanGauge provides is one of the most effective. With five built-in trip computers, the ScanGauge can keep track of everything from fuel cost to distance travelled and everything in between. Data is stored on the ScanGauge and is retained even when the power is disconnected. The ScanGauge II starts automatically and information is available anytime during the trip.

How it works

The ScanGauge II is designed to plug directly into the OBD diagnostics connector under the dash of 1996 vehicles, new cars and light trucks. Some vehicles built prior to 1996 may also be compatible with ScanGauge products.

The unit has automatic protocol determination and automatically determines the protocol your vehicle uses and connects. Included features such as more than 15 built-in digital gauges and an easy-to-use Scan Tool. The unit displays 4 gauges at a time, so you can monitor the current operating conditions of your vehicle on the go — all in an ultra compact design that installs in minutes.

Easy to install; No tools required

Installs in just minutes without the need for tools; Simply plug the ScanGauge into the diagnostic connector under the dash.

The installation is quick and hassle-free and you can do-it-yourself, as the unit comes pre-programmed, ready to go!

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Other benefits and important information

  • Works with 1996 and newer OBDII cars, trucks and hybrids
  • More than 15 Built-in Digital Gauges
  • Performance Monitor
  • No batteries required
  • Colour backlight display

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