Stocklock Torque Converter Lockup Kit


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The technologically advanced Torque Converter Automatic Lockup Kit provides seamless integration between the torque converter and the Stocklock Torque Converter Lockup Kit to maximise your towing.
* Currently compatible with LC200, Prado Fortuna & Hilux

A handy addition to your other equipment

The lockup kit is a timely addition to your other equipment that you bring along especially when travelling long distances with a caravan or trailer. Besides its offroad uses it also comes in handy when towing caravans, boats and other trailers, providing you with the right tools the lockup kit saves you fuel, helps you maintain cooler running temperatures and stops the gearbox from "moving around" or changing gears unnecessarily, giving you a smoother ride. You also gain engine braking when slowing allowing you to avoid going heavy on your breaks as the kit allows the transmission to change up and down gears as normal. Basically, the kit helps you stay in the same gear for a longer period of time when driving.
On of the other features of the Stocklock Torque converter lockup kit is that is has no P code deletes. Compared to other similar products on the market the Stocklock kit is value for money and it doesn't create problems in your vehicle. - Simply just add the kit



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