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Perth 4WD Show

Thanks for visiting one of the numerous Midland 4WD Centre vehicles at the 2020 Perth 4WD show.

We look forward to being able to offer you the best advice, the best prices and amazing service here at Midland 4WD Centre.

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Battery Box

  • WA Made
  • Revolution Battery 75 Ah / 85 Amp Discharge
  • 3 x Circuit breakers as required
  • 8 Individual Fuse box
  • Victron Blue tooth monitoring
  • Multiple Outputs to suit requirements (Anderson plugs, Duetsch Plugs)
  • Universal fitment, behind dual cab seats, canopies, vans and more.

For more information. Enquire Below!

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Redarc Redvision Systems

The Redarc Redvision system is an amazing solution that offers you full control over the 12v systems in your vehicle. From understanding the condition of your batteries through to switching systems on and off through a touch of your phone.

Midland 4WD centre can and has installed the Redarc Redvision system in pretty much every 4WD vehicle on the market. Whether that is in the Cab, in the Tray or a custom build location.

For more information, get in touch with the team!

For more information. Enquire Below!


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