Why you need an automatic transmission fluid flush

This November, when you bring your rig in and have a transmission fluid flush and cooler kit installed we’ll give you a FREE throttle controller from Direction Plus.

A transmission flush isn’t the first thing that springs to mind when we’re talking preventative maintenance on our fourbies. But, just like an oil change, flushing the old transmission fluid and replacing it with new fluid will help keep your car running in top nick.

Unlike an oil change or a transmission fluid change (which is really just a top up), a flush uses a machine to flush out the fluid, rather than relying on gravity. A flush is all about prolonging the life of your transmission.

There are a couple of indicators that you need to get your transmission fluid flushed, and these include things like noises coming from the transmission, slipping gears, difficult shifts, sluggish engagement or surging. Of course, these can sometimes mean more than just you need to get a tranny flush, but they’re good rule of thumb indicators. Let’s get into some more detail.

So, what sort of noises are ‘unusual’? Really anything that sounds like thumping, grinding or whining as the gears shift is bad news. If you hear anything like that, pull over to the side of the road (somewhere safe, obviously) and check the level and colour of the transmission fluid; if it’s a dark murky colour then it’s buggered.

Slipping gears in an automatic transmission is usually down to contaminants in the transmission fluid, so you’re going to need a flush and new fluid added. Similarly, if your auto feels like it's slurring between shifts then that could be a sign the transmission fluid has turned to sludge and needs replacing; if the fluid becomes too sludgy you could end up getting stuck in gear.

Another indicator the fluid in your vehicle’s transmission has gone bad is a delay between gear shifts. Meaning, you put your foot down and there’s a real delay between it changing gear. It’s likely the fluid has become too thick and is impeding movement. Dirty transmission fluid can also cause your vehicle to surge independently of the amount of throttle being applied.

And why would you need a transmission cooler? Simple, if you’re towing or doing a lot of off-roading then your rig’s transmission is going to live life a lot harder than someone just cruising around town.

The harder your transmission has to work, the hotter it gets and the ability of the fluid to lubricate and keep the transmission cool diminishes (we’re talking temperatures in excess of 93-degrees C). A transmission cooler can reduce transmission fluid temperatures by up to 30-degrees C which is going to increase the lifespan of your vehicle’s transmission.

A transmission cooler works just like a radiator. Automatic transmission fluid passes through the cooler and back into the transmission, ensuring the temperature of the fluid is within safe operating limits, ensuring you get better performance when your vehicle and transmission are working hardest.

And now the really good news...for November only, we’re throwing in a FREE Direction Plus Throttle Controller (dependent on the make and model of your vehicle) to anyone who has a transmission flush and a transmission cooler kit installed by us.

So, what's the point of a throttle controller? Simple, while they don’t give you more power, as some people seem to think, they do improve the throttle response by adjusting the signal sent to the vehicle’s ECU. Essentially, they’ll give you access to ‘all your vehicle’s power’ quicker.

The Direction Plus Throttle Controller is easy to install, fitting between the vehicle’s ECU and throttle, with a dash mounted display allowing you to adjust the settings through four different modes (Comfort, Sport, Race, Normal, Economy). Check out the install video below.

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