Why you need a GPS vehicle tracking system

Remember that key fob you could whistle at if you lost your keys? Well, a GPS vehicle tracking system is kind of like that only so much more.

GPS vehicle tracking systems are about more than just finding your car if it’s stolen but, granted, that’s likely to be the primary reason people look at fitting them to their vehicles. And fair enough, too. If you’ve spent more than $100k on your rig you don’t want some low-life nicking it.

GPS tracking systems will alert you to any unauthorised activity involving your vehicle and allow you to take immediate action. And the GPS system allows for real-time vehicle security monitoring.

But where a GPS system comes into its own is for fleet management. You’ll be able to track, in real-time the movements of your vehicles which will help with improving the performance of your fleet and improve things like fuel consumption.

In addition, you’ll even be able to geofence your vehicles so that if one strays from its designated area you’ll be alerted. This allows you to keep track of your vehicles and ensure they’re all where they actually need to be. This can also help with theft protection.

A GPS tracking platform allows you to monitor the performance of your drivers too and get alerts if they’re exceeding the speed limit or just generally demonstrating poor driving performance. All devices purchased via Midland4WD Centre come with three years of QProtect or 12 months of Loc8.

There’s a GPS tracking application to suit all types of vehicle and fleet vehicle operators, so, give us a call to discuss how a GPS tracking system can help you and your business.

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