Variety WA Ruby Road Trip raised $560,000 for kids in need

What a road trip...the Variety WA Ruby Road Trip ended up raising $560,000 for kids in need in Western Australia.

All of the team at Midland 4WD Centre is proud to have supported the recent Variety WA Ruby Road Trip. The event saw the combination of three road trips in one, with more than 50 four-wheel drives, classic and muscle cars and Variety Bash cars joining for an “epic trip of a lifetime”.

Thanks to COVID-19 this was the first year that all three annual road trips were combined into the one event, with Variety WA saying “it couldn’t have been more of a success”. The event raised more than $500,000 with just a three-month lead time.

One of the great parts of the trip, Simon Ash, owner of Midland 4WD, said, was at Carson Public School in Vic Park where a cheque for more than $18,000 was handed over for the fit-out of a custom school bus.

“While the road trip, meeting and making new friends was great, for me, the best part was knowing that we were a part of something that was making a real difference in the lives of children who need our help,” Simon said.

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