Meet Mitch - Midland 4WD Centre's

Meet Midland 4WD Centre's Mitchell Farr, from learning to drive on the family property to now exploring with his own.

What got you into four-wheel driving/camping?

As a youngster I was lucky enough to live with my parents on a fairly large property, this meant that I got the chance to learn to drive from a pretty young age. I always loved being outdoors and going exploring and being able to do this in a farm truck made life a lot of fun.

From there it was pretty natural to get into camping and 4wding more as I explored some pretty great places in Western Australia.


What was your first 4x4 and why did you choose it?

My First 4WD was a 1993 Suzuki Sierra. It was great as it has a fibreglass canopy and removable roof, great for exploring the beaches.

My first real 4WD was a Ford Maverick LWB, moving up from the Zuk meant i treasured the extra space that I got in the bigger 4WD.


Did you modify it? If yes, what did you do to it? 

The Suzuki never really needed much and it stayed pretty much stock apart from a few basics like bullbar, spotties and tyres.

The Maverick on the other hand got the full treatment. Front to back, top to bottom, pretty much anything that could be upgraded was. It really was a weapon. I often regret selling it, but then I remember how much time I had to spend keeping it driveable.


What's your current 4x4 and what have you done to it?

Im actually between 4WDs. I have been looking for a little while, but I need to work out what the next solution is as I now have a young family and that really changes the vehicle requirements.

At the moment I think I am leaning towards a dual cab ute with a canopy set up, but I'm not totally sold.


Favourite place to go camping and why? 

Honestly, there are so many great places to go camping in WA, The list we put together the other week really reminded me of that. In saying that, heading off to a beach down Esperance way to relax around a campfire is really right up there.


Favourite adventure 4x4 drive and why? 

It might seem a little corny but my favourite adventure is the one that I'm going on next. I love exploring and taking a trip to a new place is something I will just never get sick of.


Must-take item in your camping kit and why? 

The must have piece of gear for me is a shovel. If you really know how to use one it can do so many things. Of course they are great for digging and getting yourself out of trouble but they come in handy in so many odd ways.


Top tips for those wanting to modify their 4x4 on a budget? 

Always try to think about what you are going to need in future even if it means spending a little more now. Buying the right gear for the job and ultimately the quality gear for the job is going to save you money in the long run. Also, you cant return a broken something when you are in the middle of nowhere, we speak with so many people that have had cheap products fail when they are in the middle of their trip, then that is all they remember from their week away.

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