How to make sure your vehicle's safe for the holidays

With the Christmas break and school holidays around the corner, now’s the time to perform a vehicle inspection to make sure your rig is in top condition.

There are a heap of basic vehicle safety checks that every owner should perform to make sure their vehicle is safe. So, with the school holidays just around the corner and plenty of people planning road trips, now’s the time to give your vehicle a quick once over.

The most basic check is to make sure all of your vehicle’s lights are working, check the main and low beam lights, indicators and brake lights. Check your windscreen and wipers while you’re wandering around the vehicle.

As four-wheel drivers we know how important tyre pressures are, so, grab your pressure gauge and make sure you’re running the correct pressures all around. And check your spare tyre at the same time. In addition to tyre pressures, check the condition of your tyres; you’re looking for how much tread is left and for whether there’s any damage to the tyres.

Get under the bonnet and check your fluid levels and top them up if necessary. Indeed, while it's okay to top up things like transmission fluid, we recommend a regular transmission fluid flush because nothing can ruin the performance of your transmission faster than dirty fluid. Take a look at the image below which shows clean fluid on the left and dirty transmission fluid being sucked out of a recent 200 Series we were working on; it had only travelled 40,000km.

transmission fluid flush

And it gets worse. Check out this Ford Ranger (below) we recently ran a transmission flush on. It had only done 100,000km and the fluid was almost black.

Brakes are another important check. So, when you’re out driving make sure they’re pulling up properly and that they’re not making any noises. If they are, then make sure you give us a call so we can get your brakes sorted out.

Check out this video we made back in 2018 with Summit Expeditions around a DBA brake upgrade. If you want to know more about a brake upgrade on your rig, then click on these Blue Words to get in touch with us.

Safe holidays.

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