Your next tank of diesel could destroy your engine!
Get peace of mind and add the necessary protection provided by a secondary fuel filter

Keep your engine clean and safe

Most modern diesel engines have a factory high pressure that is electronically controlled by injection systems. Without the right protection these systems can be easily damaged. This damage is mostly caused by bad or contaminated fuel, that contain an array of contaminants from water even rust from poorly maintained stored tanks. This is most common with remote petrol stations or storage systems, but has also been found in metro areas.

Prevention is better and cheaper

No matter what kind of particle matter that finds its way into your engine, the costs of repairing the problems it entails can be quite expensive. These engine rebuilds can cost over $15,000, with the common rail diesels having to be completely disassembled to remove the foreign materials.

How it works

Protecting your engine is a simple fix, when using a secondary fuel filter like FuelManager. This filter works in conjunction with the factory filter to give you peace of mind, knowing that your engine is protected. This protection is due to your vehicle’s fuel passing through the FuelManager’s patented filter system, separating all the horrible foreign materials before passing the clean fuel into the engine.

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