We are not going to lie. We love solar screens!

Solar screens have been creating their top notch gear since 1998 and they have been popular here in Western Australia.

Started In Queensland, the family-run team has built and designed their composite material to ensure light and heat doesn't penetrate the many layers. Similar to Western Australia, Queensland sees incredibly hot temperatures and harsh sun that heats up vehicles and destroys the interiors over time.

The Solarscreen was born to keep vehicles cooler. No more burning your hands on steering wheels, seatbelts or hot leather seats.

What does a Solar Screen Achieve?

Using a fancy material to cover your windows and windscreen sounds nice and all but what does it achieve?

Well, simple, it keeps your vehicle substantially cooler than the ambient temperature outside. So rather than jumping into your vehicle and it being 10 degrees hotter than the outside temperature it is actually 10 degrees cooler than the outside temp. You will be jumping into your car to keep cool when you have a full set of solar screens in place. We have tested them in temperatures up to about 45-50 degrees and seen a substantial difference Vs cars without them.

How do Solar Screens work?

Inside the material, multiple layers of mylar and polyethylene insulation prevent heat waves (infrared) from passing through the Solar screen. These waves of light, Visible, UV & Ultraviolet all have the inherent ability to create heat, so rather than allowing these lightwaves into the vehicle, the Solar Screens bounce them back out. Add this to the fact that each set of solar screens is designed to perfectly fit the window, no light enters the vehicle and therefore no heat from light.

Note: Your vehicle can still get "warm" as heat can still be absorbed through the metal panels and travel through the air.

There are a few extra upsides to the solar screens that are less commonly talked about;

Solar Screens keep you warm.

As well as keeping light out of the vehicle, the same reflective properties can allow you to keep heat in the vehicle. If you sleep in your vehicle this could be a massive upside for you. Often heat will dissipate through the glass of the windows at night making your vehicle cold. The Solar Screens will stop the warm air from inside the car from interacting with the cold air around the glass. Win Win for everyone.

Solar Screens reduce condensation

The by-product of the hot and cold air not mixing means that condensation is not created. This stops those pesky water drops from getting down into the cracks of your windows, or worse, dripping on you in the middle of the night.

Solar Screens come in a number of "packages"

Solarscreen Touring Set

The Touring set is one of our most common sets. It essentially covers everything behind the driver. This option is a great solution if you are travelling most days, or if you have a lot of gear in the back of your vehicle. A fridge will also be much more efficient if you are able to keep the ambient temp of the vehicle down.

Solarsceen Complete Set

As the name suggests this is a complete set with all the glass in the vehicle having a cover option, from the windscreen to the back of the vehicle. Obviously, you wouldn't have all the screens up while driving but if you are stationary for a few days at a time you can set them up and allow them to do their job. Also great if you sleep in your vehicle and want to have some added privacy or just like it really dark when you sleep.

Solarscreen Cargo Set

The Cargo set is a great solution for covering the rear of your vehicle. Keeping the sun out of the cargo areas of the vehicle allows them to stay cooler and offer a more stable and comfortable temperature. This set is lesser known but is a great set for families or people that still want to have the rear passenger windows clear.

Solarscreen Dash Protector

This one is pretty self-explanatory, it is a small thing piece of solar screen designed to sit at the bottom of your windscreen to reduce the light that is streaming in and heating up your dash and slowly destroying it. This piece is small enough that it can be left on while driving without causing any interference with your view of the road. Only available for certain models though, usually ones with straighter screens.

What does a Solarscreen set include?

The Solarscreen sets come with;

Want to get your hands on some of the Range from Solarscreen?

Get in touch with the team and we can help you out!

There is always new gear on the market and keeping up with the list of things is never an easy task. In saying that, we have recently had a whole swag of new gear from one supplier so we thought it might be time to put together a quick little list for you to take a look at.

Recovery Gear

It's no secret that we love the Saber Offroad recovery gear. With their focus on creating safer recovery gear in a soft gear first world they are doing some cool things to create innovative, well priced and durable products. To stock up our extensive range of recovery gear Saber make unique gear that compliments our mission to provide the best gear for the job and budget.

We were super excited to hear that they have just dropped 3 new key products;

Alloy Winch Shackle Pro

This is easily the coolest product of the lot, it is a soft shackle only alloy winch hook replacement. The thing that we love about it is that it offers a massive bend radius, so unlike every other winch connection on the market, it is actually looking after your soft shackles.

It is also lightweight and looks great with its jet black finish. All done here in Aus, might I add.

4T Kinetic Energy Rope

This one is a little bit niche and won't be for everyone but this 4T Kinetic rope is perfect for the smaller vehicles in the fleet. Suzuki Jimny's, Subaru Forresters, Toyota Rav 4's just to name a few of the smaller, but still perfectly capable 4WDs, particularly for beach work.

Recovery Bridles

Adding a Bridle into a recovery allows for a distribution of forces in the recovery reducing the load on an individual recovery point.

By attaching the bridle to both recovery points on the vehicle being recovered you ensure that the overall recovery is safer than

Solar Screens

New 300 Series Screens!

Right now, one of our most popular items is the Solar Screen? With the heat the way it has been in the last few months everyone is trying their best to keep as much of that heat of their vehicle as possible.

Not too long ago we knocked up a template for the 300 Series to send to Solar Screens Australia. If their track record is anything to work by then I expect that we should have them available by the end of the month / Early March. If you have picked up or are about to pick up your 300 series get in touch to order your set and be some of the first in Aus to have them!


With so many manufacturers, there is always someone bringing out new suspension components. This is great for consumers as it means that you can pick and choose which suspension set up is best for you based on what your want to do with your vehicle.

Recent Releases

Tough Dog has released a great range of gear for the Jeep Gladiator, everything from new shocks & springs to panhard rods and steering dampers, all designed for heavy offroad use and backed by Toughdogs 4 year Recreational warranty.

We have also seen some of the first gear for 300 series landcruisers come out of the Tough Dog camp with upgraded Panhard rods and they have teased more to come soon!

Bar Work

Just before Christmas, we saw the release of the 79 Series Bullbar by Onca Bar and The Bush Company. This has been a popular option for those looking for the all out 79 Series bullbar. It offers great protection and styling as well as unique features like an ADR compliment front facing 50mm hitch, 2x 3.5T rated recovery points and high lift jack points.

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