Our Top 10 Campsites in WA

Here at Midland 4WD, we don't just talk about accessories for camping and adventures we live and breath camping. So we have put our collective years of knowledge into putting together a list of campsites that we think are great ones in Western Australia

Fish Creek - Yeagarup

A bit of a hike from Perth, but a pretty general consensus amongst those of us that have been there, Fish Creek and the surrounding area is a great place to visit.

The camping is great but so are the many sand dunes, the beautiful beaches and the fishing.

Dist from Perth ~ 5 Hours

Check out this video Simon put together from our 2018 trip.

Steep Point

It is hard to deny that the westernmost point of mainland Australia is anything less than spectacular. WA is known well for its long endless beaches and great camping locations. Steep Point allows you to camp right on the beach to make the most of the amazing views.

And lets be honest, who wouldn't want to go visit the nearby “town” of Useless Loop

Dist from Perth ~ 10 Hours

Hamelin Bay

If you are looking for something a little less remote, Hamlin Bay is a great option. When we say a little less remote, we mean it has a kiosk, a “holiday park” and toilets. It is, however, only about 30 minutes away from Margaret River and a few other towns, so its not to bad if you need to run out and get something you forgot.

Hamelin Bay is also a great spot for boaties with plenty of little islands and bommies just offshore.

Dist from Perth ~ 3.5 hours

Horrocks Beach

Just north of Geraldton Horrocks Beach is a small beachside town with a caravan park, General store and a few holiday cottages. The Caravan park is a great little place to stay however if you are after something a little bit more remote you can head a touch further north into Little Bay.
Little Bay is another pristine part of the WA coastline with a few places to camp on the beach as well as some big sandblows.

Dist from Perth ~ 5.5 Hours

Duke of Orleans

Is one that has been on the hit list for a while now and all going smoothly will be one that we get to this year. From what we have been told it has stunning white beaches, a little caravan park and plenty of inland tracks to run through. It is also right on the edge of Recherche Archipelago Nature Reserve so another great spot for boaties to explore.

Dist from Perth ~ 8.5 Hours

Blackwood River

Away from the coastline with this one, Blackwood river is a spectacular part of the south west of WA, being a river there are lots of places to stop along it but the area with the easiest access is just outside Nannup. We tend to head here for an easy trip or further down into Blackwood River NP if we are looking from something a little more off the grid.

Dist from Perth - 2.5 - 3 Hours

Dwellingup Region

This one is a little less specific as quite a few of us have favourite little spots around here, but we don't want to give away all our secrets… The area itself is full of forrest and off-road tracks allowing you endless hours of exploring and even more options on places to camp. Down and around Christmas Creek is always a great spot to start exploring in the area.

Dist from Perth - 1.5 Hours

Hoffman Mill

Hoffman’s is only open to camping from 1st Nov until the End of Easter, after that the area is Day use only. The great advantage to this is that the area gets plenty of time to regenerate and look after itself. The campground itself is largely open and there are some great facilities, there are also a number of great walks in the area (apparently).

Dist from Perth - 2 hours

Sandy Cape

The closest beachside camping on the list, Sandy Cape is well known for its big sand-dunes and plenty of opportunities to have a bit of fun in your 4WD. The team all picked this as a top spot because of its proximity to Perth as well as the ease of it being a weekend trip while still getting our amazing WA coastline experience.

Dist from Perth ~ 2.5 Hours

Wandoo Woodlands

We saved the best until last. Wandoo Woodlands is an amazing place to head to and it is barely an hour out for Perth. It is the perfect overnight camping destination. Because of its proximity to Perth it does often see a lot of people but with the large area you often still feel secluded enough to enjoy the peace and quiet.

Dist from Perth ~ 5 Hours

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