Rooftop Tents & Awnings

Midland 4WD’s rooftop tents & awnings

Super compact roof top tents and awnings will give you the flexibility to explore more of the uncharted and remote areas.  Put it up in under 90 seconds!  Solid construction and tested under Australian conditions, The Bush Company is our preferred choice for excellent value tents and awnings.

The 270 XT Awning sets new benchmarks  for a free standing awning in terms of overall strength, wind resistance and durability.  The awning is 2.3m in length, weighs only 27.8Kg and can be easily fixed to a roof rack

The Black Series MAX has a double action opening roof, so you have the option of either just opening the tent as a Clamshell or opening the second roof providing 141cm of headroom at the rear and 137cm at the front of the tent.  The second roof can be closed easily from the inside or outside of the tent and is firmly secured when closed with catches on the sides and front.  In addition to the standard rear and side openings found on the Black Series, when fully open the Black Series MAX has an additional large opening at the front of the tent and two additional windows on the side of the canvas providing increased airflow and also visibility from the tent.

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