Recovery Gear

Midland 4WD Centre’s recover gear and accessories

We stock a large range of ultra-strong recovery kits and accessories built specifically for 4×4 enthusiasts. Independently tested to meet strict safety standards, you have everything you need to get you and your vehicle out of a sticky situation!

Australia has a rich tradition of developing world-class off-road accessories. Saber Offroad was born to stand out from the crowd and make the best off-road recovery products available not just in Australia, but anywhere. The Saber Offroad range delivers our customers superior quality, value for money, user-friendliness and, above all safety.

We specialise in recovery products…the sort of things you’ll only ever need when you’re stuck and so we work harder to make sure they perform when you need them most. All of the recovery products at Saber Offroad are designed and independently tested here in Australia.

Outback Armour recovery products are designed & engineered in-house to have the strength, durability & reliability required for the most demanding applications. All core recovery products are independently tested and certified for ratings to the highest Australian Standards for the safety of you, your vehicle and bystanders. Our range of feature-rich recovery products has been developed in conjunction with off-road industry experts and extensive user feedback.

The guys at Tough Dog are passionate about all things 4WD, and are committed to investing in the strength of the Australian Offroad Industry.  The recovery systems are tough and ready to get you out of trouble!

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