Hard & Soft Ute Covers

Midland 4WD Centre’s Hard & Soft Ute Covers

Midland 4WD offers a wide range of soft and hard ute covers for most popular utes. We recommend covers that have been proven over many years, with a range of products that are renowned for being robust and resilient. Exceptional strength and security, the hard lids are a great choice for a solid and light weight cover. Our best-selling soft clip on cover just got even better with new features and are very easy to install.

With over 20 years in the automotive industry, creating multiple products, HSP has unrivalled experience and expertise. When you buy HSP products and HSP ute lids that you are investing in exceptional design and manufacturing standards that are maintained across the entire range. Check out HSP ute lids, ute canopies and roll covers.

Tuff Tonneaus is the Australian leader in aftermarket design and manufacturing for tonneau covers and accessories. With Tuff Tonneaus, you can be sure that you’re getting the best fit for your Ute. We know how to ensure that our premium tonneaus are made millimetre perfect. All covers are handcraft in Australia and covers are easily installed without the need for professional help!

Also available Tuff Ute Liners.

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