Introducing the Flash+Go portable remapping device that will boost
your vehicle’s performance
helping you gain horsepower, increase torque, fuel
, and enhance your vehicle’s driveability

You choose when and where!

Flash+Go is for most vehicles that run a modern ECU (Electronic Computer Unit). With its portable capabilities, you can plug in the device whenever you need to change the performance of your vehicle. This performance includes gained horsepower, fuel economy and enhances your vehicle’s driveability; Overall, protecting your vehicle’s engine and increasing its lifetime.

The Flash+Go is Western Australian owned and operated with components tested to the maximum in order to ensure quality and functionality.

We’re very proud to announce the launch of the new Flash+Go portable tuning device, as we can now offer a customised and portable remapping of most vehicles.

How does it work?

The Flash+Go is your personal and portable remapping device for your vehicle plugged into the OBD port. The unit communicates with the vehicle’s ECU Computer to then customise settings to your driving needs.

This process involves a remapping of your vehicle’s ECU computer, by adjusting a wide range of settings for the engine to make your engine suited to the harsh Australian conditions. Some of these settings include injector timing, fuel delivery and boost levels to maximise an efficient burn. You’ll comfortably get an increase of up to 12-22% more power and torque, all while you will be saving at the bowser with up to 10% better fuel economy.

Flash+Go is designed to produce an increase in power, torque and improve fuel efficiency all within the safe operating levels of your engine and controlled within your vehicle’s ECU. This intern adds up to a totally tailored driving experience as well as the functionality of your car.

Using Flash+Go enables you to boost any vehicle’s performance customised to your own driving needs and the vehicle’s settings. With its simple ease of use, the Flash+Go is expertly coded by professionals and locked to your specific vehicle.

If you want to boost your vehicle’s performance and enhance your driving experience the Flash+Go is the solution for you!

We install your specific custom programs to the Flash+Go so that the custom mapped process is matched to your driving needs. This is combined with the portable features of Flash+Go to enable you to adapt whatever driving environment whenever and wherever you want. This means you can remap your vehicle by yourself in a matter of minutes!

Experienced ECU vehicle programmers are the only ones authorised to correctly create and customise programs for the Flash+Go, so that you can remap your engine anywhere at any time.

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Other benefits and important information

  • Your vehicle must have a compatible ECU controlled engine
  • Gearboxes can be tuned too! (contact us for more info)
  • Multiple vehicle flash stages

Remapping your vehicle

The Flash+Go is built in with 3 different stages of remapping, including Factory, Economy, and Performance. Holding the 3 programmes factory, economy and power flash, you can pick and choose the programme you need depending on the driving environment you are in.

Factory flash is just how it sounds, perfect for bringing your vehicle back to factory. This feature is great for people who are just about to take their car in for a service, or if you need to fault find.

Economy Flash gives the absolute most from your vehicle by increasing the power and torque, all ready for that next trip or that big towing journey.

Power flash will maximise your vehicle’s potential for play or work all still within your ECU parameters.

Scared of tuning your car?

We understand that it can be frightening to mess with something as important as your cars so-called brain. This is one of the best features to the Flash+Go unit because your tuning can be ‘turned off’ whenever you need to. This means that you can go back to factory settings before you take your car to service. In other words, you’re the one in total control.

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